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Answers to Common Questions

Question: Where do we go with questions about the Support Center?

Answer: Questions or comments regarding the Lab Informatics Support Center portal can be sent to
Note: DO NOT send product support requests to this email address as they will not be processed.

Question: Is the new Support Center in a secure environment?

Answer: Yes. Our implementation team has worked carefully to ensure the Support Center is in a secure environment while still offering the benefits of being outside the Agilent firewall. We have worked with Agilent IT security experts and we have obtained an SSL certificate for the site. All data is being maintained and protected in accordance with applicable data privacy laws.

Question: What if my company does not have an active Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA)?

Answer: Customers who do not have an active SMA will still need to register and will still use the Support Center to log tickets with our support team but they will not be able to prioritize those tickets. Also, access to online status reporting and other content is not available. Non-SMA customers support requests are handled under the intrinsic support policy, and tickets are handled on a best effort basis with no response time guarantee.

Question: Can our company have more than one person registered?

Answer: Yes. We can assign more than one customer contact or “user” to a “Support Account”. However, a single “user” is not able to be assigned to more than one “Support Account” unless he/she registers with a different email address for each “support account”.

Question: Can multiple users on a single support account see each other’s tickets in the status view?

Answer: Yes. If requested, we can enable this functionality on a user by user basis by assigning them as “support account managers”. It is recommended that at least one user on a given “Support Account” have this capability. If you would like to request this for your account please send us an email at

Question: Will you be able to save my system configuration information into my account so that I don’t have to provide this over and over again?

Answer: Yes. We have the ability to save certain information in the database and we also have the ability to save any system or site prep documents used by the installation team or any other documentation necessary to track the specifics of your installation. This information can be maintained by “support account managers” or by Agilent personnel as required.

Question: Will I be able to obtain patches and service packs through the Support Center?

Answer: Yes. SMA customers can access these using the Downloads link once logged on.

Question: What is Support Center availability?

Answer: The Support Center is staffed 24x5. The weekends are reserved for system and application maintenance – you may note brief system unavailability during this period.

Question: What types of support requests can be submitted to the Support Center?

Answer: If you are an SMA customer, in addition to logging support requests, you may submit product enhancement requests. You can track these requests and check for current status.