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Regional Support

Support for Standalone Workstations or Instrument Hardware

How do I obtain workstation or instrument support?

Agilent’s workstation software products and instruments are supported via our globally distributed regional Sales and Support Centers.

Why can’t I obtain workstation support via this portal?

The workflow for providing enterprise level software support is substantially different than workstation software or instruments and requires different skills, deeper investigation, longer diagnostic times and our response to your questions would be delayed. Agilent is able to provide more timely response to workstation and instrument support request though its global sales and support centers.

When does the enterprise software support team get involved with workstation support request?

If the Regional Support Center representative requires assistance with a workstation issue that seems to be related to an Enterprise or Client Server Application they will engage us directly on your behalf.

Follow this link to obtain support from your regional Agilent Sales and Support Centers.