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Software Maintenance Agreement

Your Software Maintenance Agreement

Customers who have purchased a Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) should make note of the following guidelines for obtaining support. Click here for the Full Terms of your Software Maintenance Agreement. Customers who do not have a SMA should see the guidelines for intrinsic support.

  • All support requests must be submitted through the Laboratory Informatics Support Center at
  • Support is provided in English language only.
  • Full support is provided only for active software revisions. Generally this means the most current revision and one revision prior. Agilent may provide limited support for older revisions on a best effort basis, but response times will be longer.
  • The customer must have remote desktop access to the system via a computer connected to the internet that is able to run WebEx. While this does not need to be constantly enabled, this access must be enabled for troubleshooting purposes if requested by Agilent support. Agilent does not control your systems using WebEx unless you specifically request it during a support call.
  • Travel expenses for customers who cannot provide remote troubleshooting capability must be funded through a signed purchase order prior to onsite deployment of support resources.
  • Agilent’s documented interoperability with certain 3rd party products does not warrant that Agilent will provide technical assistance or support for 3rd party products such as Oracle, Windows, etc.
  • Customers are responsible for maintaining a current backup of their system and data.
  • Customers are responsible for all database administration including performance monitoring, tuning, backup and recovery.
  • Customers are responsible for all areas of the IT infrastructure and it is the responsibility of the customer to maintain a stable network that will support the solution.
  • Installation of new systems or software upgrades should be contracted with Agilent’s Professional Services consultants. The SMA does not include assistance with installing or upgrading your system.
  • Agilent will make all reasonable efforts to meet or exceed the following response times for customers with a SMA based on ticket priority:
    • High – 4 Hours
      Used when the system is unusable or there is an issue that has broad impact on system functionality, including data integrity, or data loss. No acceptable workaround is available.
    • Medium – 1 Business Day
      Used when the system is partially usable or when normal operations are interrupted due to application crashes, security flaws, etc. A workaround may be available that allows the customer to accomplish their business objective without significant investment of time or money.
    • Low – 5 Business Days
      Used for issues that have no impact or very low impact to normal system operation. Includes cosmetic defects or issues resulting in inconvenience to the customer.
    NOTE: Response times are determined within normal business hours of 8AM to 5PM on week days.
    NOTE: Agilent reserves the right to adjust the ticket priority to fit the above criteria.